Exercise your brain and your code too

The other day, while reading my timeline in twitter I found an interesting link from Katrina Owen that participates in Ruby Rogues. The website is http://exercism.io/. And like it says in their landing page, this really exercise your brain, not only assess you with funny and creative examples using different programming languages, but also you receive feedback upon your code once you submit it.

So, are you still thinking that you know more than any other programmer in the world? Give it a try!

Install the gem:

$ gem install exercism

Create a folder where you will work on those exercises

$ cd projects/exercises # or whatever

$ exercism login

$ exercism submit yourcode.rb

Start receving feedback:

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 10.54.33 PM

The code (1st iteration), take a look and tell me your nitpicks:

Thanks for reading!

JoseLuis Torres