I don't know the answer to that question

You guys probably will face once or twice or more with interviewers that have a very specific set of questions that IMHO are “legalists“. What do I mean with that? In this world, there are many developers, but in general there are two groups, those that follow exactly the rules and those that without knowing everything fix problems and create features (like me).

And again, sometimes what you need to know to accomplish something in a job will depend more on how fast or easy you find a way get a solution than knowing the bare bones of a framework. I’m not saying this is worthless but it won’t make a big difference unless your project have very specific features that will require you to change or overwrite the code in your framework, and with that said, if you need to change a lot of things on that framework perhaps you might need to create your own framework rather than monkey patching every single behavior of the core components.

Yes you guessed well. I experienced this recently and it was very awkward. The more I know about Ruby and Ruby on Rails. The more I realize that the best for a developer is to know where to find how it was made and understand how to implement it. Of course you also need to be exposed to many special situations or features to change stuff that are mostly implemented rather than changed or updated.

This time took the turn for Active Record from Rails, and the method_missing functionality in Ruby. The question was “how to use several models deriving from one single model?” And I said: “well, first does this mean you need to inherit one model from other right?” and he says “NO, I mean derive from ActiveRecord model” and I’m like mmm ok, but you mean that it will come from the same database table, and he says yeah. “Ok well I think I will just inherit one model from the others I’ve never done it before but that’s what I will do”. And he says: “mmm not the answer I want to hear, do you know something about Single Table Inheritance?” mmm NO hehe. Ok this makes me laugh after I read the documentation in ActiveRecord page what it is, exactly, no what I said but close enough that it won’t matter.

But it didn’t end there. He also asked me, “have you implemented the method_missing method before?” and I said:  “not really I mean at least in my case I haven’t had to, I know what it does but never did it”, he says “ok, well this is very basic and you don’t know”. Wonderful! another piece of code that for me has not being useful and the way I explained how it works will not matter.

Ok now you all know that I felt strange, I didn’t know the answers the way he wanted them, but I think I will figure it out a way to solve any problem. At least, that’s what I’ve been doing the last 12 years and has worked. Anyway  have you guys experienced something similar? How did it feel? Please share!